Even something as mundane as a flat tire can play havoc on a delivery schedule, especially for organizations that fail to utilize field management software as part of their dispatch process. From being able to locate a fleet vehicle in the field to updating delivery times or rerouting other crews to pick up the slack, feature-rich digital applications help ensure that breakdowns and other mechanical issues are more easily addressed. The following list illustrates some of the ways automated software systems may be of value.

1. Identifying the Location of a Fleet Vehicle

Scheduling a tow truck or arranging to have two or more field crews meet in order to provide assistance or to off-load cargo and deliveries can be all but impossible for those who are unable to determine the location of a service or delivery truck. Automating dispatch and field management efforts ensure that the location of all field assets, crews and other resources may be more easily monitored.

2. Automatically Updating Route and Delivery Information

From notifying recipients that delivery may be delayed to ensuring inventory management systems are able to be updated without issue, field management software may prove to be a significant asset when dealing with a breakdown or mechanical failure. Easier ways to track and update route, scheduling and even invoicing processes may not be an opportunity that businesses can afford to overlook.

3. Simplified Communication With Drivers and Crews

The ability to relay information between field crews, dispatch and even warehouse workers helps to ensure that potential issues and concerns are able to be resolved more quickly and efficiently. Field management software ensures that businesses are able to facilitate communication between their on-site staff, field crews and even their customers and clients with greater ease and accuracy.

4. Rerouting Orders and Rescheduling Deliveries

A dispatch, delivery or service scheduling process that lacks flexibility could prove to be a real liability in the event that any unexpected obstacles or problems crop up. Resources that allow for a more dynamic and adaptable dispatch or workflow process to be created can minimize the risk that minor issues end up snowballing into larger and more costly concerns.

Updating an Existing Field Management Process

From small businesses that may only have one or two field crews to larger organizations seeking ways to manage large fleets of vehicles more efficiency, investing in the right applications and digital systems is an essential concern when it comes to updating an existing field management process. Identifying which software features are the most critical helps to ensure that the right field management software is able to be found. Seeking out digital applications that may be better suited to their needs helps to ensure that businesses are able to enjoy a superior return of investment from their purchase.

4 Ways Field Management Systems Make it Easier to Deal With Breakdowns

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